Toribank is a bank of names and stories to connect generations.

We have all heard of Adam and Eve, Plato to Einstein, Elvis to Whitney, but ironically many of us barely know the name of our great-grandparents or where we actually come from.

Will people know us in another hundreds and thousands of years? If Cleopatra and Mona Lisa can, if the Great Wall of China and the Eiffel tower can, why can't we?

We think it would be wonderful if Michael Jackson could sing again on one special day, Diana could speak to the world again on a New Year's eve, Gianni could do another collection on one of his future birthdays, Steve Jobs could say something in one September.

We think it would be wonderful if a mother could be forever close to her dearest children, a grandfather could sing Happy Birthday to his future grandchildren, our long lost friends could dance with us again, we could be together forever with the ones we love.

- - -

We hope with Toribank, everyone can keep their name, their smiles, their stories, for as long as the world lives.

It is planet Earth today, may be Mars tomorrow.

The technology today should allow us not just to exist, but also to live, forever.

Diamonds are not forever, but we know a few that actually are.

Love, knowledge, truths and dreams.

Our vision is Forever.

Our mission is Finding Forever.

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