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  1. What is Toribank?

    Toribank is a place to keep and share invaluable files for 100 years with families and next generations.

  2. What can I keep in Toribank?

    You can keep images, videos, audio and texts; from family pictures, poems, all-time-favorite songs, wedding videos, messages, arts to science.

    The size limits are 10MB/image, 100MB/video, 10MB/audio and unlimited for texts.

  3. When can I share them?

    You can share each post immediately or in the future on a specific date or Occasion.

  4. What is the purpose of Toribank?

    Our purpose is to prolong human existence, by connecting the past and present, to the future; so everyone can communicate with the next generations.

  5. What are the quick steps to start?

    First, simply add a profile picture and complete your profile details. Then search the people you love and add them to your THE 100.

  6. What is I AM?

    I AM is visible to public. It contains only our full name, profile picture, date and place of birth, and date and place of passing (announced by our trustees).

    A more detailed profile information (the second page of I AM) is only visible to you, your mutual connections on THE 100, and your trustees.

  7. What is LEGEND?

    LEGEND is visible to public. It is your "Stories for Generations". You can post anything immediately, or for the future.

  8. What is THE 100?

    THE 100 is a list of 100 people who are special to you. They could be your family members, friends, idols, teachers or heroes. To add a person to your THE 100, simply click the "100" icon in their I AM page.

  9. What is YOU & I?

    YOU & I is a private page between you and the person. The menu will be visible to you upon having added the person to your THE 100; and vice versa. The contents will only be visible to both if you are on each other's THE 100. Nevertheless, you can always deposit something even if you are not yet on their THE 100, and it will be visible to the person when you are.

  10. What is VAULT?

    VAULT is only visible to you. It contains all deposits that you have made.

  11. What is OCCASIONS?

    OCCASIONS is a place to register all your special dates, from general holidays to personal favorites, like New Year's eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving, family members' birthday, to wedding anniversary. Your birthday and passing anniversary are set by default. The passing date and time will be announced by your trustees.

    The pre-saved occasion dates allow you to make regular publications in the future, by a specific year or posthumous year order.

  12. What is TRUSTEES?

    A trustee is a person you trust to declare your passing in the future. To be a trustee or to assign someone as a trustee, you have to be on each other's THE 100.

  13. How do I declare the passing of a person?

    From the TRUSTEES menu, select "Declare " and enter the date, month, year and location of the passing. Make sure all information is correct before submitting. The declared person and all his/her other trustees will receive a notification from you.

    Verification process will take 24 hours. In case of rejection by any party, the passing will be canceled. Any changes made will repeat the verification process. The passing will be verified upon approval by other trustees; or upon no rejection by the declared person nor his/her trustees.

  14. What happens after a passing has been confirmed?

    The passing details will be visible on their I AM page. All posthumous posts will be released in their LEGEND (public) and YOU & I (private) on the assigned dates or occasions.

  15. Can I keep something for my children if they don't have an email yet?

    Yes, you can create a Toribank account for your children. Simply reassign these accounts to them in the future by changing the registered email address.

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